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If you have any questions, please contact us at ocf@salsanor.no

SalsaNor Oslo

SalsaNor logoSalsaNor is a volunteer cultural organisation with extensive experience in organising national and international cultural events.

Unknown to many, SalsaNor, was founded in Oslo, but under the name Salsero´s. SalsaNor as we know the organisation today, was originated in Stavanger in 1999. It later expanded with a department in Trondheim in 2006. In 2015 SalsaNor started a project organisation in Oslo with its head office and work spot at Sentralen and now the circle is complete.  All the SalsaNor-departments are cooperating very well working for the overall aim to spread Latino-American, and especially Cuban, dance enjoyment all over Norway.  We are also a platform for professional Caribbean & Latin-American dancers and musicians and artists to meet and receive new assignments and to develop as artists in Norway.
The main events organised by SalsaNor are: SalsaNor to Cuba dance holiday (Cuba, Easter), LatinWeekend (Trondheim, June), SalsaNor Rueda Congress (travelling, September) and finally Oslo Caribbean Feeling (Oslo, October).



Daniels Dance Academy



Main organisers in person


Reidun Svabø & George Daniels have the main organising responsability for the event, and together with them a marvellous team of volunteers!!

Photo: Knut Werner Alsén