Moe Flex

Moe Flex (UK)

Moe IS Caribbean Feeling in person!! He was our main man when introducing this brand NEW festival last year, and is here to stay. Moe Flex is one of the most exciting, inspiring and entertaining choreographers on the International Latin dance scene today, travelling the entire dance world!

His boundless enthusiasm for dance is impossible to ignore and by adding his personal touch to everything he does, Moe ensures every dance class or workshop is a positive and memorable experience and one which will always leave you wanting more, and more..

Moe has worked with SalsaNor at several events – at the SalsaNor Rueda Congress, Hot & Tropical in Mallorca, and Oslo Caribbean Feeling 2016. It´s a great honour to receive this remarkable artist once again!

Bernt Rygg

Bernt Rygg (Norway)

As teacher of Rueda de Casino there is no comparison, his classes have been the most popular for many, many years, and cuban dancers and teachers have already named him The Encyclopedia of Rueda de Casino. He is a key person in the developement of the Rueda Standard, and is also one of the most important figures in the SalsaNor Rueda Congress. Don´t miss out on his rueda classes at this event.

Yuliet Estrada

Yuliet Estrada (Cuba)

Yuliet grew up in Havana, where she used to dance in the compañia “Conjunto Folclórico de la Universidad de La Habana”.  She moved to Norway in 2008, and has been teaching and dancing profesionally since then. She has been teaching regularly with SalsaNor the last 5 years both in Stavanger, Trondheim and Oslo, and at the SalsaNor Rueda Congress several years. In Oslo she also teaches at various other dance schools, and she is a popular artist at international congresses.





Nii Nortey Lokko (Ghana) &
Astrid Osorio (Colombia/Norway)

NII NORTEY LOKKO (a.k.a Nii) Nii is main man of Kizomba in Stavanger and the main promoter of Kizomba music and dance in Rogaland. Born and raised in Ghana, Nii is currently resident in Stavanger Norway. As the first resident instructor in Stavanger, he has been able to establish a vibrant kizomba scene in Stavanger and provides weekly kizomba dance lessons and organizes regular kizomba dance socials & major events in Stavanger at Stage Dance Academy. Nii is also an inspiring dancer, a very popular instructor and performer in salsa (crossbody/On1 style with crossover to Cuban Salsa) with over 12 yrs of social dancing experience. He is also an accomplished bachata, merengue, chacha and reggaeton dancer & instructor. His Ghanaian roots equip him with a unique understanding, appreciation and interpretation of rhythms in music.

ANGELICA OSORIO (a.k.a Angi) Angelica’s dance background started with Salsa several years ago. However, she discovered and fell in love with Kizomba about 3 years ago and has never looked back since. Born in Colombia but moved to Norway at an early age, Angi is currently resident in Stavanger Norway. She is currently member of a strong group of Kizomba dances in Stavanger (SKIP SQUAD) who practice, train and teach others Kizomba at the Stage Dance Academy regularly.

Ewa Trela (Poland)

Luckily for us, Ewa moved from Poland to Norway a couple of years ago! She started her dance career already as a child and has a master dance title in Latin and Ballroom dances and already 25 years of experience ​​as a dance teacher. She has a love for kizomba, salsa, bachata and cha cha cha, and teaches with great enthusiasm and energy. She has a very elegant style and is particularly competent in teaching focused on styling, guidance and follow-up. Do not miss Ewas classes!

Maikel Angel Oñi (Cuba)

Dancer and dj Maikel Angel is a newcomer to Oslo Caribbean Feeling this year. He lives in Skien in Norway and have achieved, becoming an important artist and organizer in the cuban scene.  Former dancer in the famous cabaret Tropicana in Havana. Today he teaches regularly and organizes dance holidays in Cuba. Get to know this brilliant dancer and teacher during the event!

Theodore Awadzi (Ghana)

Theo was living in UK until two years ago wen he moved to Oslo, Norway. Since then the kizomba scene in Norway has never been the same.  Theo has become a very popular dance instructor, DJ and organizer of his own dance school, party concepts and the main kizomba event in Norway, Oslo Kizomba Festival. Before kizomba, Theo has a long salsa and rueda history with several 1st Places at the British Open Professional Salsa Championship (2010 and 2012). We are very happy to welcome him both to dj and to teach the SalsaNor Rueda Congress 2016.

Livan Rondon (Cuba)

Born and raised in Camagüey, Cuba. He has danced since he was 14 years old on different Cuban stages. Livan is authorized in Cuban folklore dance and graduated from the renowned Universidad de Arte de la Habana. He was part of the prestigious and internationally renowned Tropicana dance group and has dances on various famous Cuban television shows. Livan is currently finishing also his Norwegian dance degree at  Norges Dansehøyskole, probably the only cuban in Norway with a double dance degree! He teaches regularly for SalsaNor in Oslo.


Steeve Oagi (France)

We are happy to welcome Steeve back as an artist til the Oslo Caribbean Feeling! Steeve is an amazing bachata dancer and teacher, internationally known from various congresses. The last years he has been living in Trondheim where he has been teaching Bachata, Salsa and Cha-cha-cha. Recently he moved to Oslo where he is establishing as a dance teacher. Don´t miss his Bachata classes during the festival.

Lisa Ask (Sweden)

Lisa recently moved from Barcelona to Oslo, Norway. In Barcelona, ​​she worked as a dancer and dance teacher for the last 2 years, and before that she has dedicated many years developing as a dancer both in Europe and Cuba. She is specialised in Afro-Cuban and Rumba and has danced in several dance companies, including Salseras in Sweden, Latin Angeles Barcelona, ​​Salsa del Barrio Barcelona and finally, she has been dancing afro-contemporary for dancer Rogelio Lorda in Barcelona. Her permanent dance partner Daniel Dominguez runs his own dance school in Barcelona. In Oslo Lisa has been teaching with SalsaNor for the last year, and we are proud to introduce her at the Oslo Caribbean Feeling!

Omar Eikrem (Norway)

Omar is a technically strong and versatile dancer. He is one of Oslo’s most talented salsa dancers. In 2014 he became Norwegian champion in salsa line style. In 2012 he placed third in the Norwegian Bachata Stars. In addition to couple dancing, Omar also practice classical ballet, jazz ballet and hip hop. He started learning Brazilian zouk in 2012, and quickly became one of the most talented zouk dancers in Oslo. He has learned from some of the world’s best zouk instructors. He is the main instructor at Moments Dance Company. As an instructor he is focused on teaching good basic techniques, while creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in the dance classes.

Days left for Oslo Caribbean Feeling25/10/2019
102 days to go.